Lawmakers confident Deuba-led govt to hold all elections, ensure constitution execution

National Assembly

KATHMANDU, June 9: Lawmakers, speaking in the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, urged the newly-elected Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to proceed ahead by taking into account the national need and the people’s aspirations.

They suggested to the PM to ensure the appropriate representation of women in the Council of Ministers as per the letter and spirit of the constitution, to forward the constitution amendment proposal and to accommodate the aspirations of the people of all sections and regions in the second-phase local level election.

Lawmaker Ganga Chaudhary called for addressing the demands of the Tharus, indigenous peoples and nationalities, and for having the appropriate representation of women in the Cabinet.

She demanded to withdraw the false cases against the Tharu leaders and create an environment wherein people of all communities and regions can participate in the second phase local elections.

MP lokmani Dhakal urged the government to address the demands and aspirations of the small parties, while upholding the spirit of democracy and good governance. He also urged PM Deuba to give special attention to constitution implementation.

Dimple Kumari Jha drew the attention of PM Deuba to the need of accommodating the Madhesi, Tharu, indigenous nationalities all communities.

Referring to a failure to spend all released budget in time and the trend of grabbing a tender by pleasing a power centre against the laws, lawmaker Prem Suwal drew the attention of the newly elected Prime Minister to pay a special focus on developing self-reliant economy.

He said the new government should be concerned about the failure of Ncell to pay capital gains taxes and act accordingly.

Likewise, lawmakers including Prem Bahadur Singh and Kumar Khadka extended well-wishes to PM Deuba for a success ahead by increasing economic growth, enforcing the constitution and holding all three levels of elections in time.

Chitra Bahadur KC termed the refusal of disgruntled Madhes-based political parties to participate in the second round of the local level polls a wrong tendency while wishing the PM for his successful tenure.

Similarly, some lawmakers took the opportunity to draw the attention of newly elected Prime Minister towards the immediate commencement of constitution amendment process on the basis of the agreement reached with the Madhes-centric parties.

Underlining the need of increasing acceptability of the constitution to resolve the problems facing the country, they forewarned of coming to the street if the agreement was not enforced.

Lawmakers Dharmendra Kumar Saha Teli, Nar Singh Chaudhary and Mahendra Ray Yadav urged the Prime Minister to address the demands of Madhesi, indigenous nationalities and ethnic community regarding the country’s main law.

Sarbendranath Shukla sought the commencement of the constitution amendment process before the local-level election.

Similarly, Shivajee Yadav expressed his wishes that the Deuba-led government formed with the goal of addressing the national problems would take initiation to address the voices of Madhes-centric parties.

Agni Prasad Sapkota expressed his confidence that the second-phase of local election would be held successful in the backdrop of the successful completion of the first-round election. He said he believed that the Deuba-led government would be successful in addressing the national needs with taking the constitution amendment process ahead. He took the time to urge the new government to continue ‘effective’ works launched by the previous government.

Likewise, Subash Nembang, seeking the participation of women, and ethnic, indigenous and marginalised communities in the Deuba-led government, said he was confident that Prime Minister Deuba would go ahead taking all into confidence. Maintaining national unity and increasing acceptability of the constitution should be the focus of the government, he asserted, adding, “The main opposition party is being cornered in every government affair.”

Sitadevi Yadav aired her belief that newly elected Prime Minister Deuba would be successful in completing the remaining task of the peace process and holding local-level election. RSS