Dissatisfied RPP lawmakers to vote in favor of the bill given some revisions are made

Resham Lama

KATHMANDU, July 18: About a dozen dissatisfied lawmakers of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has demanded that the government must first fulfill some prior requirements concerning the constitution amendment proposal before the bill is put to vote. They have warned that they will not vote in favor of the bill unless done as demanded.

Talking to Reporters’ Club Nepal on Tuesday, Lawmaker Resham Lama said, “We are seeking two revisions in the currently tabled constitution amendment bill.” Lama however argued that they were not against the amendment of the constitution.

The unhappy RPP lawmakers have sought revision in the provision regarding citizenship and province delineation included in the amendment proposal.

They have demanded change in the proposal to grant naturalized citizenship as per the federal law after a foreign woman is married to a Nepali nation.

“If a foreign woman gets married to a Nepali man, she should wait as much time to get a Nepali citizenship as a Nepali woman will likely take to get a foreign citizenship when she gets married to a foreigner,” said Lama.

On question of the province demarcation issues, it has been demanded that the change in the boundary of provinces should be allowed only in consent of the two-third majority of lawmakers of the province concerned.