Ethnic clusters shouldn’t be split while determining constituencies, urges DPM Gachchhadar


BIRATNAGAR, July 21: Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar has expressed the belief that the Constituency Delimitation Commission will carry out its works in autonomous and impartial manner.

Talking to journalists at Biratnagar Airport on Friday, he said since the chairperson of the commission is from the Terai-Madhes, he represented the entire Madhes.

“The ethnic clusters should not be split in course of delineating the constituencies,” DPM Gachchhadar, who is also the chairman of the Nepal Democratic Forum, said, adding that the task of delimiting the electoral constituencies was complex. He hoped the commission would be complete its works within the given time and in a balanced way.

Stating that there was slim chance of the constitution amendment proposal being passed immediately, the NDF chairman however indicated to the possibility of the proposal being passed after the third phase local level election.

DPM Gachchhadar further stated that the government was creating the congenial environment for the Rastriya Janata Party’s participation in the third phase local polls, urging the RJP to take part in the election.

DPM Gachchhadar, who also holds the Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry portfolio, stated that the Local Governance Act has been forwarded to the parliamentary committee on Thursday itself and it would be passed in a rapid manner by the end of this month.

He also said there would not be any difficulty for the local levels in carrying out their works as the work procedure has been determined on the basis of the ‘Terms of Reference’ until the Local Level Work Procedure Act is passed by the parliament.

Responding to journalists’ query regarding employees adjustment at the local level, DPM Gachchhadar said the Ministry of Local Development itself was engaged in adjusting the employees as the employees under different ministries would be under the local level alone. RSS