‘Madhes movement in crisis’

Madhes movement

KATHMANDU, July 21: Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) leaders have expressed concern over the Madhes movement being pushed into the direction of crisis.

They have admitted that mutual rivalry among the Madhesi parties and leaders, narrow mindedness, selfishness, the culture of legs pulling; egoism and inconsistency had weakened the Madhes movement.

At an interaction program on ‘Madhes issue and our responsibility’, jointly organized by Madhesi Rastriya Mukti Morcha and Joint National Madhesi Agitation Committee on Saturday, they said the agenda of Madhes could fall on the verge of disappearance if there was no unity and cooperation among the Madhes-centric parties.

RJPN presidency member Mahendra Raya said the Madhes movement had got entangled amidst the crisis and difficulty.

Stating that the party was ready to participate in the local level election, provided that its demands including the constitution amendment were addressed, he accused the Madhesi leaders of following the agenda of other political parties.

Party leader Hridyesh Tripathi said the Madhes movement has showcased the strength of Madhes as a political power. But the party would not take part in the upcoming election in the current political status quo.

Leader Brijesh Chandra Lal stressed that the state should realize the equity and rights were the agenda of Madhes.

CPN (Maoist Centre) leader Matrika Yadav, accusing the Madhesi leaders of not becoming honest to the Madhes agenda and sentiments and preferring to stay in the capital, said only the constitution amendment was not enough to address the Madhes issues.

Nepal Federal Socialist Party Chair Mohammed Rijwan Ansari said equity and unity was the main demand of the Madhes and Madhesi people were irate at their leaders and the government due to their selfishness nature.

Political analysts CK Lal and Bijay Kant Karna underlined the need of reviewing the performance of Madhes leaders.

Leaders from the Madhes get lost in the capital and they have been using politics as means of business instead of serving the people, they said adding that Nepal would not remain as a peaceful nation until the Madhes issues were addressed.