Lawmakers suspect over timely elections of provincial and federal levels

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KATHMANDU, July 23: Lawmakers have attention of the government over the dilly dallying in the expansion of the Council of Ministers.

Speaking during a meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on Sunday, they further alerted the government on the compulsion of completing three-tier of elections before coming January.

Speaking during special hour of the meeting, Nepali Congress lawmaker Bal Bahadur KC demanded action those involved in attacking him and Necha-Salyan Rural Municipality-6 ward candidate Tanka Bahadur Karki in course of the second phase of local election campaign.

Similarly CPN (UML) lawmaker Rajendra Prasad Pandey expressed doubt over the timely election of Province and Federal parliaments. He further said that the contract of construction of Budhigandaki Hydro Project was given to a controversial company, which would not ensure timely completion of the project.

On the other hand lawmaker Kunti Kumari Shahi urged the Speaker’s ruling against the malpractice of Chahupadi that continues in the Far-west of the country.

Similarly, speaking at the meeting some lawmakers demanded intensifying the post-quake projects and ending violence against women. Along with it, some lawmakers even opined for directly elected head of executive in the country.

Lawmakers Ishwari Neupane, Brijesh Kumar Gupta, Janaki Kumari Saud, Narsingh Chaudhary, Meena Pun, Prem Suwal, Janakraj Joshi, Shanta Manavi, Aman Lal Modi, Madhu Shahi, Surya Prakash Bala Rai among others also spoke about contemporary issues. RSS