Kirtipur Municipality to provide free Wifi in all its wards

Kirtipur Municipality

KATHMANDU, July 24: Kirtipur Municipality is to provide free Wifi facility at all the municipality wards.

Mayor Ramesh Maharjan announced this while making public the decisions taken by the first Town Assembly of the municipality on Sunday.

He also announced that the municipality would establish an IT park to make the Internet accessible to all the municipality denizens.

Mayor Maharjan added that the older persons would be provided medicines for hypertension and diabetes free of cost.

Likewise, he said health services would be expanded to every ward of the municipality and free health camps conducted there from time to time.

“A feasibility study would be carried out soon for the health insurance of the municipality denizens. Alternative sources of water would be developed to provide water at every ward to address the drinking water shortage in the municipality,” he said.

The municipality assembly also has brought the concept of setting up a technical school to enable the local youth towards self-employment and to develop Kirtipur into a prosperous and self-reliant municipality.

Similarly, the assembly has decided to give priority to the construction of the required infrastructures and local development works.

The places of touristic importance as well as heritages and ancient monuments would be preserved.

The municipality assembly has also passed the annual program with an outlay of 795 million 614 thousand rupees for the current fiscal year. RSS