No constitution amendment in current political status quo: Bijukchhe

Narayan Man Bijukchhe

NAGARKOT, July 26: Nepal Worker and Peasants’ Party Chair Narayan Man Bijukchhe has said the constitution amendment proposal was not in the interest of the nation and it could not be passed in the current political status quo.

Speaking during a face-to-face program organized by Rafat Sanchar Club in Nagarkot on Wednesday, he claimed that it would not do a good for the country if the constitution was amended.

Accusing Nepal’s politicians of harping on the slogan of ‘Singha Durbar’s rights to the villages’ without making the mass conscious about it, he said such slogan had been a headache for the Singha Durbar itself and political parties as well.

He further said that forgetting own decorum was the reason behind increasing rift among the executive, judiciary and legislature. RSS