Minister Gautam cautions intra-party feud could spell Congress’ end


BARDIYA, Aug 11: Minister for Irrigation and Nepali Congress Baridya President, Sanjaya Kumar Gautam, has warned that his party’s future could end if it failed to shun ‘internal conflict and ego’.

Minister Gautam, who reached Rajapur area on Friday for the first time after becoming the minister, addressed a felicitation program organized by NC constituency – 4.

He cautioned that the intra – party feud could affect the party’s buildup and impact its results in the upcoming elections.

He also blamed the party’s ‘conflict and ego’ as the reason for having to lose the posts of mayor and deputy mayor albeit winning majority of the wards in Rajapur.

Minister Gautam noted that there were indications that Bardiya will have two constituencies for the provincial and central elections, and claimed that Congress could win all the seats if conflicts could be resolved among the party cadres. RSS