Agitation will continue until Madhesi agendas are addressed: Chairman Yadav


MAHOTTARI, Sept 1: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s Chairman, Upendra Yadav, has said Madhesi agitation would continue until the demands of Madhes are addressed.

At a program held to welcome new recruits joining his party at Sripur of Mahottari district on Thursday afternoon, Yadav said the agitation would continue until proportional representation of the representatives of the Madhesi community were not insured in all state bodies.

Stating that although amendment of the constitution remained mandatory as Madhesi identity was not mentioned in the constitution, Yadav said the Madhes-based parties were joining the election fray as an alternate form of agitation.

The leader was of the opinion that until a Dalit representative cannot reach the country’s top level, democracy can never be established in the country. On the occasion, 500 cadres from other parties joined the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal.

Yadav welcomed hundreds of cadres led by Mahendra Yadav, former Chair of the then Kataiya VDC and long time member of Nepali Congress, with garlands. RSS