Discussions on amendment to Employees Adjustment Bill begins

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KATHMANDU, Sept 6: The Legislature-Parliament’s State Affairs Committee has begun discussions on the amendment to the ‘Employees Adjustment Bill- 2074 BS’.

The then Minister for General Administration Keshab Kumar Budathoki had presented the bill in the parliament before this. The bill seeks to make necessary provisions for the adjustment of employees serving in the government services at federal, state and local-levels in accordance with the Article 302 of Nepal’s Constitution.

Some lawmakers from the Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and CPN (Maoist Center) had registered the proposals seeking amendments to the bill.

Taking part in the discussions, lawmaker Badri Pandey expressed his view that there should be no further delay in bringing the Employees Adjustment Bill along with Federal Civil Service Act.

Lawmaker Tukraj Sigdel, stating that local-levels have failed to ensure service delivery to the people in the absence of employees required for so. The General Administration Ministry should make sure the delivery of services at the local-level soon, he asserted.

Kamala Panta was of the view that good governance in the administration could not be expected until the trend of employees’ transfer with the government change continued.

Janakraj Joshi said the provision for depriving employees from promotion opportunity for a year of the adjustment had made them disappointed.
Kedar Sanjel stressed the need of conducting a detailed study to determine the number of employees required at the local, state and central levels.

Lack of laws confines PSC from doing additional role
In the meeting, Public Service Commission’s Chair Umesh Mainali said the Constitution has increased the Commission’s jurisdictions and role in the federal Nepal, however, the lack of timely formulation of laws as per so has restricted it to do its duties and role.

The PSC had failed to work as per the expectations due to same reason, he apprised the meeting. According to him, the adjustment bill should address employees’ concerns over perceived lack of opportunities for promotion, transfer, seniority and capacity enhancement in the aftermath of their adjustment.

Employees who joined the government services with the promise of serving the people are not supposed to decline to go for assigned working stations. RSS