TU scraps affiliation of Kathmandu National Medical College.

Kathmandu National Medical College

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: The Tribhuvan University has scraped the affiliation granted to Kathmandu National Medical College, Ghhatekulo on Wednesday.

TU had awarded affiliation to the college last month claiming that they were compelled to make the decision after the Supreme Court repeatedly inquired on the implementation of the court’s verdict.

But after facing criticism from all over, an investigation committee of the executive council was formed to probe the status of the medical college.

The decision to grant affiliation to the college was revoked after the committee submitted its report to TU on Wednesday. Immediately after studying the report, the council scrapped the affiliation granted to the medical college.

The council has cited that the medical college did not fulfill required standard to operate hospital and lacked proper infrastructure.

Earlier Dr Govinda KC had also warned to stage another hunger strike if the decision to award affiliation was not dropped.