36,073 candidates vying 6,627 posts in province no 2

Province 2

KATHMANDU, Sept 7: A total of 36,073 candidates have filed their nominations for various posts of 136 local-levels of eight districts in province no 2 in the third round of local-level election scheduled for September 18.

According to latest information provided by Joint Election Operation Centre at the Election Commission, 1783 nominations has been registered for the post of mayor and chairperson, 1,130 for the post of deputy-mayor and vice-chairperson and 8,018 for the post of ward chairperson.

Similarly, 13,077 candidates have filed their nomination for two open members, 6,360 for women member and 5,705 for the post of Dalit women members.

A total of 6,627 representatives would be elected from one metropolitan city, three sub-metropolis, 73 municipalities and 59 rural municipalities in the province. RSS