UML leader’s question to Dhamala: Why always advocate for Madhes?


DHANUSHA, Sept 8: CPN-UML Coordinator of Province 2 Satya Narayan Mandal claimed that his party will emerge as the largest party in third round of local level elections as well even without support from any other parties.

“UML can contest in the polls alone… and will win in majority of local units in Province 2,” said Mandal while talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala.

Responding to Dhamala’s inquiry about people’s anti-UML sentiments across the province, leader Mandal vented ire that all the political had grouped to tarnish the image of UML in Terai. He even accused journo Dhamala, who is currently in Dhanusha in his election campaign for ‘Peaceful Election’, to always have advocated for the Madhes-centered parties.

“Why do you always stand for the leaders of Madhes-based parties? Upendra Yadav, Mahanta Thakur are the agents of India. Why do you think they advocate for the constitution amendment? And Bimalendra Nidhi..? He has done nothing for the Madhes but encouraged conflict in Madhes and disintegrated the country,” fumed Yadav.

Likewise, leader of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal, Jitendra Solan claimed that people of Madhes will not vote UML since the party has no moral standard there. He said, “UML has morally lost this battle. RJPN have always wanted to ensure rights of Madhesi people, Tharu community and other indigenous people. But UML failed us by voting against the constitution amendment proposal that could have given much to people here if endorsed at the parliament.”

“Why vote UML?” he added.

“This election is our opportunity. Now RJPN will lead Madhes. Constitution amendment will be our agenda even after the election,” added Solan.

Similarly, leader of Nepali Congress Chandra Mohan Yadav claimed that his party’s influence in Madhes is stronger that of MC and RJPN. He also argued that UML will lose election in Madhes because people there are disappointed with UML’s doings.

“Chair KP Oli has bad reputation in Madhes since he prevented Madhes people from getting their rights. He failed the amendment proposal. People won’t cast vote to UML,” added Yadav.

Also talking to Dhamala, CPN (Maoist Center) leader Ajay Shankhar Nayak argued that his party has always fought for the rights of Madhesi people. “MC is the backbone of Madhes agenda. We have always spoken for granting rights to Madhesi people so that constitution can be made acceptable to all the people of the country.”

He further said that MC is forging alliance with Nepali Congress in many local levels to contest in the upcoming election. He added, “UML has no chance of winning.”