Nepali Bahas live broad cast from Province 2: voters willing to vote true leaders

Procince 2

KALAIYA, Sept 9: As the third round of local level election is only a few days away, a greater election enthusiasm can be realized in the faces of people in Province 2. The people have heartily welcomed the political leaders from various parties at their door.

Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President reports that the people in Madhes are excited about the election scheduled for September 18.

Dhamala, who is in Province 2 collecting the opinion of people and leaders regarding the election, further reports that the some leaders who are in Madhes to canvass votes have not stopped giving people false hopes to people about development and prosperity, but the people have put hopes in the leaders in with new expectations.

“People are ready to vote the leaders who bring the agenda of development,” said Raju Shah, a local resident of Kalaiya.

“We won’t be deceived by the false hopes of the leaders this time,” he added while talking to Dhamala at a program ‘Nepali Bahas’ which was live broadcast from streets of Kaliaya through Nepali Radio Network across the country.

Journo Dhamala further reports that the Madhesi people are willing to vote the new faces since the old faces neglected the development of their region after winning the elections in previous polls.

Another local resident and social leader, Heera Lal Shah said, “The Madhes is all about election. People here have taken election as festival… and of course, everybody is excited.”

He further said that the influence of Nepali Congress and CPN-UML is stronger in Madhes since the leaders of the Rastirya Janata Party Nepali could not unite at time of election. He however argued that RJPN is the only party with genuine Madhes agenda. “Other political parties exaggerate though.” He added.

Likewise, Umesh Gupta said that people are willing to vote only true leaders whose agendas are development oriented.

Another local resident expressed his disappointment of being deprived of rights.

Dhamala summarizing the people’s poll reports that the entire population of Province 2 have opined for the need to development, progress and prosperity of Madhes and are excited about the election.