Federal Socialist Forum Nepal will win in 100 local levels, claims Mahato



SIRAHA, Sept 11: Lawmaker and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal central member Dr Birendra Mahato has claimed that his party would emerge as the largest party in Province 2 local level election.

“Our party will get victorious in 100 local levels in Province 2,” claimed Mahato while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal at his residence in Karjanha of Siraha on Monday.

“We have monitored the election campaigns being run in all the eight districts. We have surveyed people’s opinion. On the basis of this analysis, FSF will presumably be the first party in the upcoming election,” he added.

“There will be a top level competition between FSF Nepal and the CPN (Maoist Center). Our candidates will win though,” he further added.

He also slammed the main opposition party CPN-UML as the anti-Madhes party. He said, “UML revealed its true character during the Madhes movement. Not only that, the big political parties, while promulgating constitution, had made public commitment to amend constitution for making it acceptable to all people of the country. But UML betrayed and voted against the amendment proposal.”

He also accused the other big parties of being mean to Madhes and Madhesi people. He said, “We have also seen the behaviors of the ruling parties Nepali Congress and Maoist Center. Didn’t they repress the Madhesi people? Hundreds of our people gave away their lives but these big parties failed to address our concerns.”

“UML top leaders, especially KP Oli’s behavior and expression have always hurt Madhesi people. We cannot cooperate with UML,” added Mahato.

“UML termed the amendment proposal as anti-nationalist. The party doesn’t want advancement and changes, and is the enemy of federalism.”

“UML has no moral ground to solicit votes here in Madhes. I wonder with what faces the leaders of UML come to Madhes to ask for votes!” he added.

Mahato also claimed that his party’s candidates would win in six of the eight municipalities in Siraha district.