PM Deuba claims, his 100 days at office hugely successful


SIMRA, Sept 15: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba caimed that his 100 days at office was hugely successful. Talking briefly to journalist Rishi Dhamala in Simara, Bara he said, “I have done more than any prime ministers in these 100 days. Province 2 election, which is due in few days, will be conducted successfully. It is a great achievement.

“The country is now headed into the path of constitution implementation, progress and prosperity,” he added.

“The history will evaluate my works.”

Deuba, also the president of Nepali Congress (NC) party, also claimed that his party would bring better results in the upcoming third round of local election scheduled for September 18. He projected his party as a good friend of Madhes and added, “NC has always worked for Madhes. Therefore, people will vote our party and make us the largest party in province 2.”

He also said that he had expanded the cabinet in compulsion as the country was under political transition.

Like as usual, he also lambasted the main opposition party CPN-UML and its chair KP Oli for disregarding Madhes concerns. “UML does not want change. Only NC’s victory can address Madhes grievances. Why to vote a party who is against federalism and republic?”

PM Deuba has remained busy in election campaigns in Province 2 addressing mass meetings and gatherings.