UML performing poor because other parties indoctrinated voters against us, says Mandal

Satya Narayan Mandal

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: UML leader and Province 2 coordinator Satya Narayan Mandal said that his party would still become the largest party in the third round election despite trailing behind in third position.

Vote counting in province 2 is underway. Nepali Congress party is leading the election with 31 leads and two wins, while UML has won in four local units with 17 leading.

“Nepali Congress, Maoist Center and other political parties have spent billions of rupees for the purpose of election. They have organized feasts days and night. Everyone has stood against the UML here in province 2. They have forged alliance from ward to ward,” said Mandal while talking to Rishi Dhamala at a radio program Nepali Bahas broadcast through Nepali Radio Network.

“They have brainwashed voters’ mind telling that UML is an anti-Madhes party. That’s why UML is performing poor in the election,” added the former Youth and Sports Minister.

“But I still believe we will become number one party because people trust us,” he added.