Nepali Embassy in Yangon marks Constitution Day

Constiution Day

YANGON, Sept 22: The Embassy of Nepal in Yangon organized a reception ceremony at Melia Hotel Yangon to mark the Constitution Day on Wednesday.

All together about 180 guests including Ambassadors of SAARC and ASEAN countries, Germany, Russia, Poland, Korea,  Serbia, Head of UN Agencies, senior government officials, Nepalis working in Myanmar, PNOs, media people and civil society leaders attended the program.

Welcoming the guests Bhim Udas, Ambassador of Nepal said that the Constitution Day (also National Day of Nepal) is celebrated to mark historic day of the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal by the then President Ram Baran Yadav after its endorsement by almost 90% members of the Constituent Assembly on 20 September 2015.

He further said that Nepal’s constitution was inclusive where the voice of all the segments of the society was incorporated.

Highlighting the feature of Nepal’s constitution, he added, “One of the significant features is to recognize the role of women in social justice, governance and development. Women have equal rights in property and have right to participate in all the state structures, such as, local body, state assembly and legislative parliament, on the basis of proportional representation. Women must have at least one-third representation at all levels. Coincidently, the President and Speaker of the legislative parliament are women. On top, Chief Justice was a woman until she retired 3-months before.”

Though the diplomatic relation was established between Myanmar and Nepal in 1960, the two nations share historically close relations defined by shared traditions, religion, culture and linguistic linkages going back to the time of Lord Buddha. While the Gurkhas fought for the independence of Myanmar (then Burma) in 1947 at which many Gurkha soldiers sacrificed their life Myanmar supported Nepal in the fight for democracy in 1950.

Ambassador Udas also said that the cordial and close bilateral relations existed between two friendly countries will be further strengthened in coming days.

He added, “People-to-people relations have cemented to make it strong. Economic cooperation is the priority focus of new republic Nepal in its relation with the new civilian government in Myanmar. Tourism, trade and investment are main focus of our economic diplomacy.”

Chief Guest of the program, Dr.Than Myint, Union Minister for Commerce expressed his heartiest congratulations to the Ambassador and through him, to the people and the Government of Nepal. He also mentioned that the diplomatic relations between Myanmar and Nepal was established the diplomatic relations  between Myanmar and Nepal 57 years ago and close cultural, religious, and traditional affinities between the peoples of Myanmar and Nepal playing an instrumental role in fostering bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries and peoples.

He also spelled out that the Golden Pagoda built by Myanmar in Lumbini is a symbol of friendship between the peoples of Myanmar and Nepal, and the collaboration between Myanmar and Nepal at the international arena is growing under the regional framework, such as,BIMSTEC, SAARC and the Asia Cooperation Dialogue(ACD).

In the beginning, national anthems of Myanmar and Nepal were played. A Nepali cultural dance was performed by a Nepali girl.

In the morning, Flag hoisting Ceremony was held at the Embassy where about 50 persons including diplomatsliving in Yangon were present.

Also, Deepawali was performed from September 18 to 20 in the Embassy building to mark the National Day.