CPN (MC) chair Dahal says he would contest the parliamentary election by himself


Special Correspondent, SAGAR KARKI: CHITWAN, Sept 26: CPN (Maoist Center) chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal has stated that he may not consider entering political alliance to emerge a winner in the upcoming election from constituency no 3 in Chitwan district.

At a press conference organized by Press Centre Chitwan on Tuesday, leader Dahal reiterated that he was not considering entering alliance to contest an election from constituency no 3 (then 4) of Chitwan district in the upcoming election to the House of Representatives.

Asked if he would stand any chance to emerge victorious in the election solely, Dahal replied, “I am confident that there is a high possibility of my win in the election if even I contest all by myself.”

CPN-MC was ranked at third position in the constituency in the last local level election.

The former Prime Minister, however, said that talks were ongoing with other political parties for forging political alliance in view of the twin elections at hand but now they have not reached any conclusions yet.

According to him, the party had made a decision at policy level to enter into electoral alliance only with those who would subscribe to the ideology of Federal Democratic and Republican ideology.

Dahal believed that the people were in favor of CPN-MC although his party was mired in criticism for Bandarmudhe incident in Chitwan.

Dahal-led then CPN-Moist was blamed for a bomb blast in a bus in Bandarmudhe in Chitwan district in 2005 where around five dozens of people died.

Dahal is contesting the upcoming election from the same area. Victim and families of those deceased are hopeful that they would receive compensation by the new leadership they help elect.

Dahal is lately keeping busy with electoral campaign in Chitwan. RSS