Power outage on regular pushing Udayapur Cement Factory

Udayapur Cement Factory

GAIGHAT, Sept 26: Power cut on regular basis since the past 15 days resulted in around 20 million losses to the Udaypur Cement Factory based in Gaighat.

The factory has not been able to function to its full strength as it has been suffering power outage on regular basis since the past two weeks.

The state-owned industry established in 2044 BS that produces cement under the brand name of ‘Gaida Cement’ is best known for quality production. It had been grounded for several years due to various reasons.

Initial days of this fiscal year were good for the factory as there was regular power supply to it, according to cement plant department Chief Nawal Kishore Saha.

It had earned profit of Rs 250 million last year and until two weeks ago, it was doing a good business. Now, the situation is not good and its business is on the way to downfall in the absence of regular power supply, Saha added.

Though, industry had frequently requested the authorities concerned for the uninterrupted power supply, but no avail, its employees said.