‘Unity process announcement a big loss to the Maoist Center’


KATHMANDU, Oct 4: CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Center) and Naya Shakti Party formally announced the electoral alliance and unity process on Tuesday. But some leaders of the Maoist Center have expressed disapproval towards the announcement arguing that the party leadership is doing a big historical mistake.

“The unity process announcement is a big loss to the party,” said leader Mani Thapa.

“The party leadership’s mistake has disappointed the party cadres. They have started to feel insecure in the party,” he added, “There will be no alternative left to the party cadres but to leave for gulf country now.”

Likewise, leader Gopal Kirati, expressing the disapproval towards party’s unity process announcement, said that he would start revolution against the party. “The Maoist Center has dumped its agenda and betrayed the 10-year long armed struggle’s achievement.”

Kirati has been opposing the party’s proposal of unity among the leftist forces.