Intra-party unity be strengthened: Sujata Koirala

Sujata Koirala

KATHMANDU, Oct 5: Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala has said forging a political alliance against another alliance would not be to the benefit of the country.

She suggested the Nepali Congress, which is at present preparing to form a broader democratic alliance after the formation of the leftist alliance, to work for strengthening the intra-party unity than to work towards creating an alliance.

Talking to journalists at her residence at Mandikhatar on Thursday, leader Koirala said,” The Nepali Congress should not make any kind of alliance – leftist or rightist. Rather it should guide both.”

The NC central committee member, Koirala, said since the Nepali Congress is a big party it should focus its attention on taking the country ahead on the path of unity and consensus than worrying over what the communists are up to after their alliance.

Also the former Foreign Affairs Minister, Koirala said Nepal’s relations with India and China should be kept at an even keel. RSS