Grievances on constitution will be addressed: PM Deuba

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, last meeting of legislature-parliament

KATHMANDU, Oct 14: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said efforts would be continued to address the grievances in the constitution in the coming days.

Addressing the last meeting of the Legislature-Parliament Saturday evening, PM Deuba said it is a historic achievement that Nepal has got the constitution from the Constituent Assembly, which was along cherished dream since 2007 BS.

With the promulgation of the constitution, new laws have been made; local level elections held, and preparations for the elections of the House of Representatives and Provincial parliament completed, the PM said, adding that it was another great achievement that country held the local level elections successfully in two decade’s gap.

“After the conduct of the forthcoming elections, the country ushers into the way of economic prosperity. So I kindly request you not to be tangled in minor issues,” the PM said in the parliament.

In response to the reaction of expansion of the Cabinet, PM made it clear that there is not clear mention in the constitution on the number of ministers in the transition. He wondered whether the PM could not add ministers. Even the EC has said it Cabinet expansion would not affect the elections at all, and the President has also worked as per the constitution. She is not guided by any, the PM justified.

According to him, the Nepali Congress does not compromise with any side on nationality and democracy. “NC is the most patriotic party,” he asserted.

He reminded the role of various leaders as BP Koirala, GP Koirala, Sushil Koirala, Pushpa Lal, Man Mohan Adhikari, Subarna Shumsher and Ganesh Man Singh on accomplishing their political duty to bring the constitution.

PM Deuba expressed happiness over the incorporation of democracy based on pluralism, socialism, proportional inclusion in the constitution.

“It’s an epoch-making change to have six bills including civil code passed from the parliament to update the old Civil Code,” he underscored. RSS