Parcel I, II, III and more: YouTube series shot and edited on mobile  

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KATHMANDU, Oct 25: Parcel is a short film-series shot entirely on mobile phone. Directed, screenplay and edited by Marizman Limbu, presented by Lazy M Production in association with Gurung films, the produ

Director Marizman Limbu

ction unit has already released three episodes so far. Each episode of the series is 7-10 mins in length.

Even though the entire takes of the series have been shot and edited using a smart mobile phone, the picture’s quality is astoundingly fine. “But we have a bit problem regarding sound quality of the film,” said director Limbu.

“We are looking for the best possible solution to fix the problems related to the sound quality,” he added, “The upcoming new series will see it improved.”

“We are planning to hire a sound designer for the betterment of the sound quality of the next series,” added the 35-years old director.

First episode released four months ago, Parcel has already collected over 6k viewers and its viewers are increasing daily.

The first episode opens with Sunil delivering a parcel while ignorant that the package he is delivering is none other than his own kidnapped father-in-law. Sunil later comes to acknowledge that he is being played by his rival gang. The plot creates several twists and turns during its seven-ten minutes length that continuously helps viewers get engaged to the story till the end.

Despite lower sound quality, director Limbu has shown off great cell-phone cinematography through his YouTube series ‘Parcel’. But, the director has yet to work a lot on choosing the cast members, production design and creative aspects of film making—and guide them technically to fulfill his project.

“All the cast members and crew of the production are non-professionals. This is why we are having some problems in performing to our best. We will rehearse harder to produce better performance in the coming series,” said Limbu who has already come up with a short film ‘Earphones’.

Shooting short movies on mobile devices is being widely popular in YouTube and social media these days. Even full-length movies are being filmed on mobile devices. Though mobile film making is far-far away comparing to ‘full frame’ format High Definition cameras, short film making is rather convenient, low-cost and require fewer crew members.