NC election manifesto; to lead new era of national renaissance

Nepali Congress election manifesto, Federal and Provincial elections, Election to the House of Representatives and Province Assemblies

KATHMANDU, Oct 30: The ruling party, Nepali Congress is unveiling its election manifesto for upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies focusing on social welfare and security.

The manifesto states that the country has entered into a new era of renaissance of social, economic and political issues.

Expressing commitment for the stability and development in the country, the manifesto has incorporated various issues including protection of democracy, social justice, economic prosperity, integrated social security, good governance and implementation of federalism, said member of Manifesto Preparation Committee, Dr Jagadish Chandra Pokharel.

The manifesto has also included various issues including details of development in the country under the leadership of NC in 25 years including easy access to schools and colleges, expansion of black topped road and remarkable increase in the number of health posts and toilets.

The party has presented different points along with ‘NC’s development concept and goal’ in the manifesto including a plan of operating Kathmandu-Madhes express way as well as eradicating starvation and corruption.

Likewise, CPN-UML has been described as an obstacle to national unity and the CPN-MC as an opportunist party in the manifesto. The party has also claimed in its election manifesto that the communist alliance had put the achievements of the new constitution, economic progress, national unity and social goodwill at risk. The alliance between UML and CPN-MC is aimed at capturing state power and establishing communism.

Meanwhile, welcoming the dialogue and partnership with the Madhesh-centric parties, the NC has noted that it would forge reliable alliance with the RPP and RPP-D. The party has pledged to make notable increment in the social security allowance for elderly citizens, constructing an elderly citizen service ashram in every local level and providing all services free including food and housing.

Expressing the determination to free the society and state of corruption, the party has also promised to make the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority and the National Vigilance Centre effective. The party is making its manifesto public amid a special program on Tuesday.