Leftist alliance’s manifesto: Country to be made self-dependent on basic food grains within 2 years

left alliance election manifesto, CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Center), self-dependent on basis on food grains

HARI LAMICHHANE, KATHMANDU, NOV 5: The CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) have expressed the commitment of making the country self-dependent on basic food grains, fish, meat and milk within two years.

The joint manifesto of the leftist alliance for the election to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies reads, “A huge investment shall be made in production by discouraging the plotting of fertile land.”

The manifesto has also incorporated a plan of developing super zone, block and pocket area through modern agro firms.

All Nepal National Independent Student Union (Revolutionary), General Secretary, Uttam Adhikari, said that the party has directed to go to door steps of the people along with the commitment of implementation of seed protection program.

Similarly, industrialization of agro production and development of modern industrial cities based on agro market at different areas are also included in the manifesto.

Integrated Service Centers will be established while the leftist alliance plans to establish required number of vocational and training school, college and training centre for the development of human resources.

Likewise, cold stores would be built in mountainous area which would be linked with highways and chemical and organic-fertilizer required in agro production would be produced in the country, reads the manifesto.

The manifesto reads, “Nepal will be declared as organic country within next 10 years.”

The alliance has also pledged to reach irrigation facilities to all arable land in the country within five years, and to move ahead with large irrigation projects for the same.

Likewise, dam would be constructed in the river flowing from the Chure and Mahabharat region to be used for flood control, power production, irrigation and fishery. Rainwater harvesting will be carried out to store water in small and big ponds to be utilized for forest fire control and for livestock.