Nidhi has no moral ground to seek votes in Madhes: Rajendra Mahato

Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN), Reporters' Club Nepal, Rishi Dhamala, Rajendra Mahato, Janakpur, Dhanusha-3, Bimalendra Nidhi, federal and provincial elections

“They once used bullets to suppress our movement. Now, we will use ballots to turn time in our favor.”

JANAKPUR, Nov 8: Rajendra Mahato, leader of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has claimed that people of Dhanusha constituency-3 will rather vote him instead of Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi in the upcoming House of Representatives elections. Mahato and Nidhi are contesting for a parliamentary seat in the constituency. Elections to the federal parliament and province assemblies in Dhanusha district are being conducted in second phase on December 7.

People’s vote should come in favor of Madhes movement. No voters should cast their votes to the leaders who have suppressed Madhes movement, murdered Madhesi people and confiscated of their rights,” said Mahato while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Janakpur, Dhanusha.

“The voters will not cast their votes to Nidhi in order to teach him some good lessons,” he claimed.

“The ruling party used bullets deprive Madhesi people of their rights. But, now time is in our favor. We have ballots, a weapon more powerful than bullets,” he said.

“Time has come to respond them,” he added.

“Six innocent Madhesi brothers lost their lives in Maleth of Saptri district. Now people reply to this incident as well through ballot boxes,” he furthered.

He further stated: “The constitution of Nepal was promulgated going against the sentiment of Madhesi people. We can never accept such constitution. NC’s Madhes-based top leader himself signed the constitution and forced Madhesi people for this too. He is from Janakpur.”

When club’s President Rishi Dhamala told Mahato that leader Nidhi has claimed himself as the Messiah (savior) of Madhes in a recent poll campaign, Mahato replied: “A leader who ordered firing at Madhesi people cannot be a Messiah. His claims are laughable. He has no moral ground to seek votes in Madhes.”

“Not in Dhanusha-3, or in any part of Madhes.”

“People are not going to believe him no matter what he says,” he continued.

Responding to Nidhi’s claim that only he had contributed in development of Madhes, Mahato said, “Even though Nidhi has won election again and again from Madhes, he has done nothing for the development of this place.”

He added, “I can’t understand on what bases he has come to Madhes to woo voters.”

“People are not going to make the same mistake again. Not in this election,” he added.

“If we vote the leader who once murdered our people, how will we reply to the world?” he further added.

On the occasion, Mahato also requested people not to take his candidacy in Dhanusha-3 otherwise. Mahato’s home town is Sarlahi. He added, “I am running the election from Dhanusha as advised by the party leadership, and as demanded by the people.”

“Janakpur is the heart of Madhes. I have come to Dhanusha highly respecting the demand and request of people here and giving the district a top priority,” he added.

“Development of Janakpur should be taken as high priority- which I will accomplish,” added Mahato.

When asked how many seat his party will win in the upcoming election, Mahato said, “Our movement will win the election. We will win in those constituencies where people will elect us. One thing is sure: we will emerge victorious in many constituencies.”

“Nepali Congress’ day here in Madhes in gone now. They didn’t develop our place. People know this. Now, Madhesi parties will rise here. We have ballot boxes. We will use this weapon (ballot boxes and votes) and turn time in our favor.”