Deuba confident he will become PM three more times

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, CPN (Maoist Center) leader Khagaraj Bhatta, left alliance, Dadeldhura, federal and provincial election

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba seems confident that he will be elected the prime minister another three times.

Addressing a press meet in Dhangadhi, Kailali on Thursday, Deuba dismissed CPN-UML Chair KP Oli’s claim that this would be his (Deuba’s) last premiership and added, “My astrologer has told me that I will be prime minster for seven times- which means I will be the PM again, three more times.”

Oli, on Wednesday said that the left alliance would not let the Nepali Congress win any election again. But Deuba claimed that NC would garner majority in the upcoming parliamentary and province assembly election and a new government would be formed under his leadership.

Deuba also urged the voters to vote NC in the elections.


Deuba is contesting the House of Representatives election from his home constituency Dadeldhura. The district has only one constituency.

Though Deuba has been winning the parliamentary election since 1991, he will face a tough challenge to maintain his legacy in the district. The CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) have forged alliance in the district and have fielded Maoist Center’s Khagaraj Bhatta against Deuba.

Bhatta is a popular leader and is taken as an honest leader since the period of Maoist revolution. It will be the third bout between Deuba and Bhatta. Even though Bhatta lost to Deuba two times in the previous 2008 Constitution Assembly election and 2013 Constitution Assembly election, he has readied himself for another challenge against Deuba.

In the recent local polls, though NC won in four local levels, UML in two and Maoist Center in one, the left alliance has 8,605 more popular votes than NC.

Bhatta is confident that the left alliance dynamics will favor him; abd Deuba’s work, impact and personality and previous wins will be the strong base for Deuba to win the coming elections.