NC is not the Messiah of Madhesi people but cheaters: Mahaseth

CPN-UML leader Raghubir Mahaseth, Dhanusa-4, federal and provincial election


DHANUSHA, Nov 17: CPN-UML leader and a House of Representative candidate from Dhanusha constituency-4, Raghubir Mahaseth has claimed that the left alliance will garner majority across the country in the upcoming parliamentary and province assembly elections.

“Left alliance’s victory in the coming election is certain. We will lead the government after the polls,” said Mahato while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Dhanusha on Friday.

He accused the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) of never working for the development of Terai-Madhes while claiming: “UML is the only party that can bring wave of development of Madhes.”

He added, “NC leaders have claimed themselves as the Messiah (savior) of Madhes and people here, which is not true. In fact, NC has been cheating Madhesi people.”

“Not only have the party, but their leaders as well deceived Madhes.”

Mahaseth argued that UML has not been able to develop the country as aspired by the people because UML has not stayed in the government for a longer period.

“People know how long we have stayed in the government. Whenever UML leads the government, the internal and external powers conspire against us to dismiss our government. When have they let us carry out developmental works?”

He further stated, “UML is a party who always fulfils its promises,” and urged all the voters to make the left alliance victorious in the elections.

He also said that the constitution would be amended after the elections. He added, “When the constitution will be amended, it will be for the welfare of Madhesi people, for the rights and privileges of Madhesi people.”