Political parties’ election commitments: Beautiful and prosperous Okhaldhunga


Kalika Khadka 
OKHALDHUNGA, Nov 18: The election manifestoes of the Nepali Congress and left alliance have featured the lofty commitments to make Okhaldhunga a beautiful and prosperous district.

NC candidate for the House of Representatives Ramhari Khatiwada, candidate for State Assembly (A) Mitrasen Dahal and candidate for State Assembly (B) Pradip Kumar Sunuwar have floated an idea to run at least a project in each ward to address the local needs within five years.

Likewise, the election manifesto of the NC has also stated to operate the initiative ‘One Rural Municipality/Municipality One Park’ and ‘One Village One Enterprise’ after carrying out feasibility study.

In the similar vein, candidate of left alliance for the House of Representatives Yagya Raj Sunuwar, candidate for State Assemblies (A) Amir babu Gurung and candidate for State Assemblies (B) Mohan Kumar Khadka have put forward the idea of establishing at least one industry hub in each local level.

The left alliance candidates also floated the idea of establishing a Nepali paper mill in Khijidamba rural municipality in a commercial manner and making arrangement of the exports of the product.

NC candidates have tailored their plan to set up at least a technical institute in rural municipality and municipality for quality technical education which would help enhance employment opportunities for youths. The candidates have also come up with a plan to make school education well-managed and qualitative with e-library under the campaign of one school one library.

On the other side, left candidates have come up with the plan to allocate 15 per cent of the total budget for quality and compulsory education in each rural municipality and municipality.

NC has envisioned the establishment of well-equipped hospital with 15 beds in each rural municipality and arrangement of ambulance in each ward. The left candidates have pledged to set up a hospital with 15 beds in each rural municipality and with 50 beds in the centre of each municipality.

Commenting on the ambitious election manifestoes of the parties, civil society leader Hitraj Karki said the commitment papers should not be just to woo the voters but should be feasible.

“The manifestoes of both the parties seem ambitious and time-taking to accomplish their dream projects but there is nothing impossible if the candidates make good plan and devise their efforts accordingly”, he added.