US condemns attacks on political candidates; urges peaceful elections in Nepal

United States, US Embassy in Nepal, Nepal elections

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: The United States has said that it was alarmed at recent attacks on political candidates in Nepal while condemning any attempt to impede the electoral process through the use of violence.

“We call on all sides to maintain and uphold a peaceful and democratic election process for both rounds of upcoming parliamentary and provincial elections,” says a statement issued by the US Embassy here on Monday. A key principle of democratic electoral systems is protecting the rights of citizens to participate in the electoral process without fear of violence or harm.

The statement also urges everyone to respect the freedoms of peaceful expression and assembly, and individual voters’ rights as laid out in Nepal’s laws and constitution. Elections are a time for political debate, but in a democracy, the mechanism for expressing disagreements is through the ballot box. “We also call on the security forces to exercise restraint and comply with national and international standards when carrying out their duties,” reads the statement. RSS