‘Left alliance will secure two-third majority and lead govt for five years: Pampha Bhusal

Pampha Bhusal, Lalitpur-3, federal and provincial elections


KATHMANDU, Nov 21: Pampha Bhusal, CPN (Maoist Center) spokesperson and a left alliance candidate from Lalitpur constituency-3 has claimed that the left alliance will garner two-third majority in the upcoming federal parliament and province assembly election being held in two phases.

“Our target is two-third votes at minimum. About 65 percent voters are in left alliance’s favor. Therefore, we will win the election,” said Bhusal while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Lalitpur on Tuesday.

“After election, there is no doubt left alliance will assuredly lead the government for five years,” she added.

“It’s our agenda to head the country towards development and economic prosperity while implementing constitution,” she furthered.

Bhusal also said that the unification process between the two leftist forces of the country CPN-UML and Maoist Center has already started. “Both sides are exercising necessary home works for the unification process. After elections, the two left parties will be united.”

“I am 100 percent sure,” she said when asked how much she was sure about the unification.

Bhusal also said that the constitution will be amended after the election. She added the amendment will be made “in national interest”.

“We will amend constitution in welfare of Madhesi, indigenous and backward communities,” she added.

On the occasion, Bhusal shared that her candidacy was for the development of Lalitpur district. She said, “Lalitpur is a district with many possibilities. The district is rich in art, culture and heritage. I will further develop Lalitpur as a tourist destination. I will black top all the roads and bring concrete programs and policies to make the district clean green and pollution free.”

She also said she had agendas of traffic management, sports development, women empowerment and welfare of elderly.”