Radio Nepal’s voter education program effective: CEC Yadav


KATHMANDU, Nov 22: Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has urged the mass communication media to disseminate objective and credible news remaining within the professional ethics and decorum to make the upcoming elections free, fair and credible.

Inaugurating the three-day election reporting orientation for its reporters organized by Radio Nepal in view of the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assembly elections here today, the Chief Election Commissioner said the media has a paramount role to play in the success of the election which according to him is the bedrock of democracy.

“The voters have already made up their mind and are confident about the election, overcoming all obstacles. The message that they should not be left out of the voting in the election taking place for the implementation of federalism and republic has already reached the voters,” he said.

Calling on the media to be alert and disseminate the news whether the political parties and the candidates have breached the election code of conduct, CEC Yadav appreciated Radio Nepal as the public radio for disseminating the voter education to the ‘people working in the fields’.

He urged all the political parties and the candidates to respect the valuable votes of the people, adding that nobody should fix the ‘price’ of the invaluable votes of the voters.

Executive Director of Radio Nepal, Suresh Kumar Karki said Radio Nepal was disseminating voter education to the general public in an effective manner aimed at making the upcoming elections free, fair and fear-free.

In the orientation, experts from the Election Commission will impart knowledge and information to Radio Nepal’s reporters on the topics that they should take into account while collecting and disseminating news related to the election code of conduct, the election laws, the voting process, voter education, the first-past-the-post and the proportional representation system of the election, federalism, vote counting and related issues.

Radio Nepal has been disseminating voter education in 21 various languages. RSS