Rs 5 million for each martyr’s family of Madhes movement: Mahato

Rajendra Mahato, Madhes movement, RJPN election manifesto

JALESHWOR, Nov 23: Rajendra Mahato, member of presidium committee of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has announced that the Madhes government will provide Rs 5 million to the families of those killed during the Madhes movement.

Speaking at a program organized to unveil the party’s election manifesto for the upcoming federal parliament and province assembly election in Jaleshwor, Mahottari on Thursday, Mahato reiterated of providing five million rupees compensation to the martyrs’ family. The regional party had already announced the compensation during the Madhes movement.

On the occasion, Mahato, also a House of Representative candidate from Dhanusha constituency-3, appealed the voters to vote and elect RJPN to form a Madhes government and fulfill the dreams of Madhesi martyrs.

Mahato also assured free education for the children of the martyrs’ families and employment for one of the family members.

Mahato, presidium committee coordinator Mahantha Thakur and other top leaders of RJPN unveiled their election manifesto.

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