Both alliances contesting polls only for power, not for people: Suwal

Prem Suwal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, Bhaktapur constituency -1

BHAKTAPUR, Nov 27: Nepal Workers and Peasants Party secretary and a House of Representative candidate from Bhaktapur-1, Prem Suwal has said that the top leaders of major three parties have no rights to seek votes from people as they are contesting elections only to go to government rather than work on behalf of the people.

Speaking at an election program in Bhaktapur on Monday, leader Suwal added that the left alliance and the democratic alliance were formed merely to win elections and go to government.

“Alliance is only the scheme to go to government. These major parties have never worked for the people and the country. Therefore they have no right to seek public support here or anywhere,” added Suwal.

“There character is clear as crystal. They went to the government, but they never brought policies for people’s welfare and they encouraged and nurtured corruption.”

“There is no meaning to vote and elect them again,” he said added, “With what face have they come to seek votes, I can’t understand.”

Suwal also requested the voters to make NWPP victorious in elections since his party was making efforts, from street to parliament, to ensure the rights of public and end corruption.

NWPP Chair Narayan Man Bijukche was the sole party’s candidate in previous five parliamentary elections and has repeatedly won since 1991 election. But, this time, he decided to pitch party secretary Suwal in the House of Representatives elections scheduled for December 7. The first phases of federal and provincial elections were held on Sunday.

Suwal is contesting parliamentary elections for the first time. Suwal was elected as the Chief of Bhaktapur Municipality in the local elections of 1997.  Nepal Congress’ Babu Raja Joshi and Left alliance candidate from CPN (Maoist Center) Milan Suwal are contesting against him.