Dahal says he wishes to trigger final push for development

CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, election publicity campaign, parliamentary and provincial election

CHITWAN, Nov 30: CPN (Maoist Center) chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said he wished to trigger a significant push for development in the country.

While talking to journalists in Chitwan on Thursday, leader Dahal who is also the House of Representative election candidate from the Chitwan constituency no 3, pledged to engage himself to the development of nation as per the interests of the people.

“Have a trust on me, I will dedicate myself for the development of nation putting the people first,” he said.

In his response to a question what the socialism the leftist alliance is talking about will offer the people, he said, “We wish to meet the goal of socialism.

Infrastructure development and economic growth are essential for that.” He took the time to claim that the leftist alliance was capable of doing so. He went on to say that the left alliance was meant for further consolidating democracy not for damaging it.

The former Prime Minister said the issue of chief executive would be brought on the floor for discussions after the completion of elections (House of Representatives and State Assemblies).

He said he, during the election publicity campaign, realized that the people need development (better roadways facility, drinking water and electricity) and prosperity. Construction of river dams and protection from wildlife are the specific demands of the people of the Chitwan-3, according to him.

He further added that though he could not work as per the changing context and increasing aspirations of the people, he was reaching the people’s doorsteps on the eve of the elections to understand what their actual issues were. ” I take a stroll in the morning, reach people’s doorsteps, have interactions with them so that the vacuum and pains I am feeling in the absence of my son Prakash would not further grow,” the bereaved father said whose only son Prakash Dahal died of cardiac arrest few days ago. RSS