Deuba urges voters to vote democratic alliance for parliamentary democracy, press freedom and people’s rights

democratic alliance

HETAUDA, Nov 30: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has urged the voters to cast vote for the candidate of democratic alliance to enliven parliamentary democracy, press freedom and protect citizens’ fundamental rights.

Addressing an election meeting in Palung of Makawanpur on Thursday, he said democratic alliance should emerge victorious to defeat the left alliance.

Deuba, who is also the Nepali Congress President, reiterated that NC-led alliance should win the polls for the protection of parliamentary democracy and human rights.

Addressing the mass, Deputy Prime Minister and RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa said that the democratic alliance was formed to strengthen the democratic practice and culture.

Nepali Congress leader Bal Krishna Khand said that the democratic alliance was capable of leading the country by leading the people towards economic prosperity.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Deuba addressed a separate mass meeting in Rato Bangla of Birgunj on Thursday and said that NC is the party to respect the aspirations of Madhes and Madhesi people.

He said that NC was committed to ensuring the rights of Madhesi people by amending the constitution.

Deuba recalled that the revolution of 2007 BS started from Birgunj and added that country’s unemployment would end through the establishment of large-scale industries by bringing in large amount of foreign direct investment.

Meanwhile, PM Deuba also addressed a separate mass meeting in Shambhunath Municipality of Saptari district on Thursday itself and claimed that NC was the real friend of Madhes. He also pledged to ensure identity of Madhesi people if the NC won the polls. RSS