I am morally the most suitable candidate for PM’s post: Gautam



BARIDYA, Dec 2: Vice-chairman of CPN-UML and a House of Representatives candidate from Bardiya constituency-1 on Saturday said that he would become the next prime minister of Nepal.  He claimed that no other UML and CPN (Maoist Center) leaders were as morally fitter for the prime minister’s post as himself.

“I am obviously a true candidate for the prime minister post. No other leaders are as morally qualified as me to claim the job,” said Gautam while speaking at an election interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Bardiya.

“Even UML Chair KP Oli and CPN (Maoist Center) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal will second me,” he added.

He also clarified that the two leftist forces UML and Maoist Center will be united within three months after the elections.

When asked who will become the unified party’s chari, he said: “I can’t say anything about who will become the united communist party’s chair. Oli or Dahal, we will decide only after careful thinking.”

Gautam also claimed that the left alliance would win the elections since a big political wave is rising in favor for the same.

He also expressed his confidence that he would win election in Bardiya-1. When asked, “Hasn’t NC candidate Sanjay Gautam claimed that even UML cadres will vote him?” He replied, “Our cadres are not savage like NC cadres.  Sanjay Gautam distributed money to his cadres to tear down our election publicity banners. UML cadres are much more civilized.”

He also denied the rumors that Maoist Center cadres would not vote UML candidates in the allied constituencies. He said, “Why won’t they vote a common candidate of left alliance? They will vote because they want left alliance’s victory.”

“Left alliance’s victory is certain. NC is counting the constituencies where the party is going to lose election,” he added.

“Left alliance will garner two-third majority and a communist government will be formed after the elections,” he furthered.

Gautam also termed NC’s accusation that left forces is attempting to enforce totalitarianism as false. He said, “Not us, but NC is walking in that path. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is doing activities against the election code of conduct. He has disobeyed the Election commission, and election rules and laws. Isn’t this absolutism? NC has gone insane due to the coming together of communist parties.”

“NC is trying to finish the left alliance. Everything will become clear after the election results. UML is the party that runs according to people’s interest. Deuba himself is against the constitution. He has not studied constitution. If he has, then, he must have forgotten all”

He also said that UML has not mentioned the agenda of directly elected presidential system in the party’s election manifesto and added, “If people favor this, then we could back the agenda.”

Responding to a query that people have expressed doubt if you win election, you may not return back, he said, “Why did I come to Bardiya? It’s because it’s my home town. Because of my key role in party building and parliamentary struggle the party fielded me here.”

He furthered: “I have made a lot of contributions in Bardiya district’s development. I initiated the Babai irrigation project and Bheri diversion. When I led the party I started the campaign “Make your village yourself” (Afno gaun afai banau). All the road development projects here in Bardiya were accomplished in my leadership. There is no place is the district that has no access to roads.”

“Not only that, 85 thousand squatters got land in my effort. I started social security allowance.”

“What has NC done? No budget has been allocated after Dueba came to the government.”

He also accused his rival Sanjay Gautam of not doing anything for the development of Bardiya.

He also assured to blacktop all the roads of the district, provide land to all the squatters and control the Babai river within two years.