Electing communists to power is like tearing constitution: Deuba


KAILALI, Dec 3: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba on Sunday claimed that his party would bring majority in the upcoming federal parliament and province assembly elections.

“NC will certainly bring majority in elections. People will not cast their votes to the left alliance. NC will win and a new government under the leadership of NC will be formed. I will head the government,” said Deuba while taking to Dhamala in Kailali.

He added,” The country will head toward the path of constitution execution and economic prosperity once the federal and provincial elections are concluded.”

He also accused the left alliance of attempting to enforce absolutism in the country. “Electing communist to power is like tearing the constitution; and bringing inclusiveness to an end, seizing the rights of women, dalits and indigenous people.”

“The communist are advocating for directly election presidential system in the country. Isn’t that tearing of constitution?”

“The voters know this. Why would people vote left alliance? They will vote NC and make us victorious in elections.”

“Left alliance won’t even bring majority, let alone two-third votes.”

He also dismissed the left allince’s accusation that NC failed to develop the nation and added, “Is there any other parties except NC who have developed this country? There was only one airline, now how many are there? Who did this? There was only one university. Now, how many are there? There are medical colleges. Roads have reached villages. Had there not been Maoist war, Nepal would have taken strides into development.”

He also accused Nepal’s communist parties of only giving false hopes of prosperity rather than working for development. “Their claims that they have contributed a lot in country’s development are just lies. Whatever the development works have been carried out in the country, NC did,” he said.

Deuba, a House of Representative candidate from Dadeldhura,  also claimed that he had contributed a lot in the development of far-western development region. “I have master plans for the development. The villages of far-west have access to roads. The roads will be black-topped after elections for the ease of farmers.”

He also said that NC was always committed to ensure Madhesi’s rights in constitution and added that his party will always make considerable efforts to amend constitution to meet the aspirations of Madhesi people.

Deuba also said that the government is committed to provide full security to the voters and candidates in elections.