My agenda is nation’s development and prosperity, not prime minister post: KP Oli (with video)


KATHMANDU, Dec 5: CPN-UML Chairperson and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has argued that the leftist parties are the true democratic parties of the country.

Talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala at a program broadcast in Mountain Television on Tuesday, Oli also dismissed Nepali Congress (NC)’ accusation that the left alliance is attempting to impose absolutism in the country. In fact, NC’s accusations on the left alliance was all baseless logics, according to him.

He said, “Some, including NC, have claimed that NC is the only democratic party, but it’s not true. Left alliance is the force which stands and fights for democracy; is the supporter of national unity, peace and stability and a force with great vision and prospect of development and prosperity.”

He also argued that the left alliance is not a pure communist alliance since the party has forged electoral alliance with various other parties. He said, “Leader Hryedesh Tripathi is contesting the polls under election symbol ‘sun’. In Jhapa, we are supporting Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s candidate Rajendra Lingden. Pariwar Dal carrying our election symbol. Various other parties have allied with UML.”


He also claimed that left alliance will garner majority in the upcoming federal and provincial elections and form a communist government while claiming that NC will barely see victory only in some constituencies.

“People have clearly realized that the country needs a force with vision, commitment, self-esteem who can stand for nation and fight for national integrity… the force that will give better governance, bring political stability, control corruption and lead the country toward economic prosperity. The voters have realized that they want to elect such force into the government: which is possible only with the victory of left alliance,” he said.

“I have found that people are happy… that the achievements of struggle have been institutionalized in the constitution. Their aspiration is being fulfilled through this election,” he added.

He clarified that the communist government formed after elections will end the rightist parties’ commission-ism, corruption. He added, “Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba might have been bothered by this.”

“Deuba is on the theoretical surface of politics. He lies frequently. In the past, he blamed the communists that they will execute senior citizens, which was proved false. And now that people can’t buy this rumor- which has become old, he is accusing us of attempting to end democracy,” he furthered.

“Deuba has even claimed that he will become the prime minister again after election. But I say, NC will barely win in a few seats, let alone majority,” he continued.


“Deuba claims that the directly elected presidential system will enforce absolutism in the country. USA, China might have heard his talks, other several nations might have heard this. What does he think of himself? Should we create our own or should we change their system?”

“If he really had wanted to conduct elections, he should already have fixed offices for governor, chief ministers, province government, and province assemblies. Will they set up offices in tents?… and he comments on presidential system. Is he attacking on USA’s governance system?”

“I should not go to Sanepa (NC’s party central office) to get the license of democracy.”

“NC is creating false impressions about the UML and the left parties. We should not run after such non-sense,” he said.


He also accused NC of walking in the anti democratic path. He said, “NC is lying to people. They are doing ‘farming of lies and dishonesty’. I have heard speeches of CPN (Maoist Center) leaders. Have they lied to people during the election campaign? We have unveiled our election manifesto. Hasn’t NC time to study that? Does they have the courage to reply to that? No, they don’t have the courage. Thus, they are bringing the topic like totalitarianism, absolutism to tarnish the image of UML.”

“We may have struggled and sacrificed more than Deuba for establishing and institutionalizing democracy in the country. He doesn’t have status to raise question to me on matter of faith toward democracy,” added Oli.

He also clarified that UML and Maoist Center will unite after elections. He added, “We have not forged alliance to gain political profit. The alliance is for giving the country a stable government.”

Responding to a query journalist Dhamala asked why the alliance with Maoist Center was forged when UML was in the position to secure majority itself, Oli said: “We could have garnered majority alone, but alliance opens door to cooperation, consensus between the parties and join hands together for nation development.”

He also expressed his confidence that cadres of both parties (UML and Maoist Center) will cooperate and cast their vote for the common candidate of left alliance to make the alliance victorious in elections.

In a question if he would become the prime minister of Nepal after election, he said, “Prime minister’s post is not agenda. My agenda is nation’s development and prosperity.”

“But the nation needs a leader. The party will formally decide on that matter. We also have party unification coordination committee. The committee will also decide on this matter.”

He dismissed the reports that he and Maoist Center Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ had reached any deal of making ‘Oli’ the prime minister of Nepal while agreeing for poll alliance and unity process. “No such deals have been made. Our agenda has never been PM post. We were only focused on programs and how to move ahead.”

“In a program today I said our party is not focused on management of leaders. We are focused on management of people, marginalized communities, conflict victims, squatters, Kamaiya, people living under poverty, education deprived children, unemployed youths, physically disabled, loan seekers and responding to the question of how to lead the country to the path of development in a managed way.”

“When party’s primary focus becomes peace, stability, progress and development, the matters such as managing leaders become secondary agenda.”

“Our party has vision to transform the face of nation. There will be a prosperous, peaceful, developed and contended Nepal in ten years time,” he added.