CEC Yadav appeals all voters to cast vote assuredly

CEC Yadav

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has appealed all the voters to cast their votes assuredly in Thursday’s second phase of federal and province assembly elections as the government has arranged full security for the same.

Speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu on Tuesday, Dr Yadav also shared that all the necessary preparation for the phase II polls were complete.

He said, “The government has arranged a reliable security in view of the December 7 elections. I am fully confident of the government’s security arrangements for voters, candidates and leaders. Thus, I appeal all the voters to cast votes assuredly and in confidence.”

“I am grieved by a number of attacks targeting to election candidates and their campaign on the eve of elections. These anti-election activities are condemnable,” he added.

Stating that the upcoming elections have been taken as a grand festival, he added, “People’s participation during the election preparations was enthusiastic. The voters are excited about elections. I request all the voters to exercising their franchise freely and choose their candidates wisely.”

“All the managerial preparations for the elections have been completed. The Election Commission is standby 24/7 and fully prepared to solve any logistic difficulties if any seen in districts. The election officers have reached districts and busy in monitoring the voting centers of all 45 districts,” he added.

He further shared, “The election officers are in ready state to transport the ballot boxes safely to the district headquarters as soon as the voting completes.”

Yadav also clarified that the EC has already issued vote counting directives and also the readied the staffs to carry out the job.

He further said that the results of the first-past-the-post elections will be published within a week. “We have directed the concerned bodies for the same,” he added.

“We have also instructed to install CCTV cameras in the vote counting centers so as to avoid any untoward incidents,” he added.

CEC Yadav also requested all the political parties, candidates and media to respect the silent period and not to conduct any activities that violates the code of conduct and requested everyone to show the character of a civilized citizen abiding by the election code of conduct.

He also said that the voters’ education programs were being carried out effectively and also added that he was expecting more that 70 percent voters’ turn out in the second phase polls.