UML wins parliamentary seats in Manang, Mustang; Maoist Center in Rukum (east)

Manang, Mustang, Rukum (east)

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: Results of the first phase elections to the House of Representatives and Province Assembly has started to be published.

As of the latest update, CPN-UML has secured two parliamentary seats one each in Manang, Mustang and CPN (Maoist Center) in Rukum (east).

Prem Prasad Tulachan

CPN-UML candidate Prem Prasad Tulachan has been elected as the federal parliament member from Mustang district. He garnered 3,544 votes while his closest rival Romi Gauchan Thakali of Nepali Congress only managed 3,181 votes.

Likewise, in Manang, CPN-UML’s Palden Chopan Gurung has secured seat as a federal parliament member. He garnered 2,300 votes while his contender from Nepali Congress Tek Bahadur Gurung got 2,021 votes.

Similarly, in Rukum (east), CPN (Maoist Center) candidate Kamala Roka won the House of Representative election. She secured 10,434 votes while her rival from Nepali Congress Hari Shankhar Gharti only garnered 4,406 votes.


In Provincial Assembly, independent candidate, Rajiv Gurung (Dipak Manange) has been elected from Manang province ‘A’. He secured 1,410 votes where his rival from Nepali Congress Karma Gurung garnered 1020 votes. Left alliance supported Dipak Manange.

In province ‘B’, Nepali Congress candidate Chinta Bahadur Ghale won securing 1,098 votes. His contender from UML, Dhorje Dandul Gurung garnered 896 votes.

Likewise, in Mustang, UML’s Indradhara Bista won the provincial assembly ‘A’ constituency with 1,167 votes. His nearest rival was TsheringDhawa Gurung, who got 657 votes. In Mustang provincial assembly ‘B’ constituency, UML’s Mahendra Bahadur Thakali secured a victory by winning 2,584 votes. He was followed by NC’s Tshering Gurung who got 2,259 votes.