Former mayor Sthapit wins in Kathmndu-6 ‘A’

Kathmandu-6 'A"

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: Former mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Keshav Sthapit has been elected for the Province Assembly form Kathmandu-6 ‘A’.

CPN-UML’s candidate Sthapit secured 8,022 votes while his rival form Nepali Congress Nuchhe Narayan Manandhar got 5,149 votes.

Likewise, in Kathmandu-1 ‘A’, Deependra Shrestha has seured victory. He garnered 6,231 votes to defeat UML’s Bishnu Kumari Bhusal who received 4,618 votes.

In Kathmandu-1 ‘B’, Ganesh Prasad Dulal of UML got victory with 4,242 votes. His rival form Nepali Congress Suraj Chandra Lamichhane got 4,223 votes.

In Kathmandu-2 ‘A’, Sanu Kumar Shrestha of UML emerged victorious. He received 8,936 votes to defeat Nepali Congress candidate Lokesh Dahal who got 57,58 votes.

Similarly, Tsering Dorje Lama of Nepali Congress and Rameshwor Phuyal of UML emerged victorious from Kathmandu 3 ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively. Lama defeated Rudra Bahadur Barali of CPN (Maoist Center) securing 6,448 votes. Barali received 5,335 votes.

Phuyal got 10,886 votes to defeat Bimal Thakuri of Nepali Congress who received 10,819 votes.

In Province Assembly of Kathmandu-4 ‘A’ and ‘B’, Nepali Congress candidate Narottam Baidya and UML candidate Kusum Kumar Karki emerged victorious respectively. Baidya garnered 8,719 votes to defeat UML candidate Nirmal Kuikel who got 7,794 votes while Karki got 12,347 votes to defeat Sadhu Ram Khadka of Nepali Congress who managed 9,354 votes.

Likewise in Kathmandu-7 ‘A’, Basanta Manandhar of UML has been elected for province assembly. Manandhar received 8,800 vote while his contender Bijaya Bahadur Mali of Nepali Congress got 8,766 votes.

In Kathmandu-8, Province Assembly ‘A’ and ‘B’, UML’s Rajesh Shakya and Astha Laxmi Shakya has emerged victorious. Both UML’s candidates defeated Nepali Congress rivals Rajya Laxmi Shrestha and Dev Ratna Dangol respectively.  Rajesh Shakya got 7,780 votes while Rajya Laxmi Shrestha only got 6,176 votes. Likewise, Astha Laxmi Shakya got 5,169 votes to defeat Dangol who got 3,669 votes.

In Kathmandu-9 ‘A’, UML’s Ajay Kranti Shakya got victory. He defeated Indra Man Tuladhar of Nepali Congress garnering 9,531 votes. Tuladhar got 7,193. Also in Kathmandu-9 ‘B’, UML’s Keshav Prasad Pokhrel secured a province assembly seat scoring 12,156 votes. He defeated Nepali Congress candidate Dharma Raj Gautam, who received 9,110 votes.

In Kathmandu-10, province assembly ‘A’ and ‘B’, Nepali Congress candidate Pukar Maharjan and UML’s candidate Rama Ale Magar got victory respectively. Maharjan got 14,729 votes to defeat Maoist Center’s Dilip Maharjan while Ale Magar got 9,903 votes to defeat Dharma Nanda Shrestha of Nepali Congress who managed 7,017 votes.