NC’s election debacle is due to non-cooperation: leader Singh

Prakash Man Singh

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said it is sad indeed that the Nepali Congress, a party that has struggled long for democracy, has floundered in the elections.

Addressing a ‘get-together and thanks giving’ program organized by the Nepali Congress Kathmandu constituency number 1 committee at Ananda Events on Friday, Singh said, “It is sad that the expected election results could not come in favor of a party that carries with it a history of struggle and public trust. A party that has provided leadership in every movement waged in the country has lost the elections and the time has now come to correct the shortcomings in the party and make it the ace party in the coming elections,” he said.

Stating that the party faced debacle in the election due to the people within the party itself, he called for an end to what he called the tendency of ‘not cooperating to the party at times of need while carrying the party’s bag’.

He also said the election results for the Nepali Congress even in Kathmandu were not satisfactory.

Singh has been elected the member of the House of Representatives from Kathmandu constituency-1. On the occasion, he also committed to always working for the development of his constituency. Leader Singh thanked the people from his constituency for electing him.

He said the Nepali Congress would play the role of a responsible opposition in the parliament. RSS