Prime Minster, Party Chair and Parliamentary party leader should be same person: Pokhrel

Prime Minister


KATHMANDU, Dec 15: CPN-UML General Secretary Ishwor Pokhrel on Friday said that the process of government formation and party unification with CPN (Maoist Center) will move ahead simultaneously.

The electoral alliance between the two parties worked well in the recently completed federal parliament and province assembly election as the left alliance successfully garnered two-third majority under the first-past-the-post election, with UML winning 80 and Maoist Center winning 36 seats. Now, it can be expected that the two left forces will intensify party unification process and start homework to form a new government under the leadership of left alliance.

“Since the alliance has worked well in election, no problems will occur in unification process and power sharing,” added Pokhrel while talking to Rishi Dhamala at the Party Central Office in Dhumbarai.

“We have started unification talks. A conclusion will be produced very soon.” he furthered adding that he was hopeful that the unification process will end positively.

“The party unification coordination committee is carrying out necessary homework.”

“Both the parties have similar dreams and resolution and political philosophy. We unveiled a joint manifesto—which are the strong bases for the parties to move ahead in unification’s path.”

“A joint draft is being prepared. It will be finalized within two or three days. An open-minded discussion will take place to restructure the party’s entire organization.”

“It is people who want UML and Maoist Center get united. It will be materialized soon.”

He was also quick to claim that KP Oli, UML Chair, should become both the prime minister and party chairperson. “Oli should take charge of the would-be formed government and the party.”

“Even Maoist Center Chair Prachanda has backed Oli for the PM post. Oli’s role, and election results make it clear and understood agenda,” he added.

He however said that it was his personal thought rather than any official decision. “In my opinion party chairperson, parliamentary party leader and prime minister should be the same person. Otherwise, it will create multiple centers in the party,” he clarified.

He also backed for the introduction of multiple transferable votes for the formation of National Assembly.

The law making process to elect the National Assembly has remained stagnant due to the dispute among the parties whether to introduce the single transferable votes or multiple transferable votes for the formation of National Assembly.

UML has insisted on majority voting system as it has won majority seats in both province assemblies and local election.

On the other hand, Nepali Congress has put its stance on single transferable votes so that it can help NC secure some members in the upper House. The ordinance on election of National Assembly is currently pending at the Office of President.

“All the political parties should find consensus and make appropriate decision on such political issue,” he said.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari, during a meeting with Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Thursday has also sought political consensus among the parties over the provisions of election the National Assembly.

Meanwhile the Election Commission is also waiting for the bill related to National Assembly in order to announce the candidates elected for the federal parliament under the Proportional Representation system.

Pokhrel also asked for Deuba’s resignation as immediately as possible so that he could pave way for the formation of new government. He said, “Once the people’s mandate come into another party’s favor, the prime minister should resign and pave way for a new government. It is an international practice.”

“But Deuba seem to be attempting to elongate his term as PM,” he added.

UML has demanded immediate resignation of Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba so that it–largest party of the recently concluded federal election—could start process for the formation of a new government under the leadership of left alliance.

But Deuba is intending to hand over the power only after the election of National Assembly.