NC attempting to prolong its stay in govt by laying hurdles in ordinance to National Assembly election: Oli

National Assembly Election


KATHMANDU, Dec 16: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma has accused Nepali Congress of disrespecting the mandate given by the people through recently concluded federal parliament and province assembly election arguing that NC is attempting to prolong its stay in the government by laying hurdles in the ordinance of election to National Assembly.

“NC is intending to disregard and refuse the people’s mandate by laying a trap in the ordinance on National Assembly election and creating hurdles instead of paving way for a new government,” Oli expressed dissatisfaction while speaking at a program organized to congratulate him for his election success by the Reporters’ Club Nepal at his residence in Balkot, Bhaktapur on Saturday.

“NC, after losing the election, tabled the unconstitutional ordinance to National Assembly election so as to suit its own interest,” said the former prime minister adding that NC should correct it.

NC has adopted single transferable votes so that it can help NC secure some members in the upper House but UML has insisted on introducing majority transferable votes to election the National Assembly. The ordinance is currently pending at the Office of President.

Oli also argued that there was no need to National Assembly to form a new government. “Our country has its own precedents and examples of democratic practices. Government formation and National Assembly has its own process. National Assembly is no required to form a new government.”

He also urged the Election Commission to work according to constitution and law rather than run after somebody’s tweets.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction over the government’s work out to appoint province chiefs and added that his party shall not take oath from whoever NC appoints.

He also thanked the Election Commission for successfully completing the election and expressed his gratitude to Reporters’ Club Nepal and other media to have played a significant role in successful conduction of elections.