Deuba will step down only after electing National Assembly: Law Minister Thapa

National Assembly

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Yagya Bahadur Thapa has said that Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba will not hand over the government to the left alliance unless the National Assembly is elected.

Minister Thapa’s remarks comes a day after the left alliance, organizing a joint press meet, urged PM Deuba to clear way for the formation of a new government under its leadership.

The left alliance allies, CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center), have accused the Nepali Congress-led government of creating unnecessary hurdles instead of smoothly handing over the power to new government. The left alliance has also argued that the process for the formation of government and National Assembly are independent of each other; while Duba, arguing that electing National Assembly was essential for government formation, has maintained he would step down only after the election of upper house.

“The government was formed in order to conduct elections. We still have National Assembly election to conclude. Thus, we will transfer the power to new government only after electing National Assembly,” said Minister Thapa while speaking at a face-to-face interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Monday.

“Deuba can’t leave the government even if he wants to. Neither Oli and Prachanda have right to ask Deuba to hand over power,” he added.

“The incumbent government will itself transfer power to the left alliance once the National Assembly is formed,” he furthered.

NC, who has adopted single transferable votes, has appealed President not to put the ordinance of National Assembly election on hold but the left alliance, who has taken stance on multiple transferable votes, has warned the Prime Minister not to entice President for unconstitutional steps.

“The President has no other option but to approve the ordinance on upper house election as it was sent to the President’s office two months ago,” said Minister Thapa.

“It is disappointing that it is still pending at the Office of President,” he added.