NC not greedy for power: Singh

Prakash Man Singh

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Nepali Congress leader Prakashman Singh has said the party was eagerly waiting the moment to hand over the government leadership through a due process.

In his address to a program organized in his honor this morning in Baneshwor, Singh who had won the federal parliament seat in the recent election from the Kathmandu-1 said the government would hand over the leadership after going through a process as per the constitution.

He was of the view that the President should not withhold the ordinance related to the National Assembly election. “The NC is not greedy for the power, but wants to leave the government according to a process,” as leader Singh said. He said he was surprised to listen to a ‘lesson of morality’ from those ministers remaining as without portfolio in the NC-led government to the party.

Though the number of electoral seats the party won in the first-past-the-post system in the recent House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections was ‘unexpected’, the Proportional Representation results were satisfactory, he added. RSS