28.5 percent Nepali still under poverty line: Report


KATHMANDU, Dec 20: A recent study carried out by the government has revealed that some 28.5 percent of Nepal’s population is still living under the poverty line.

According to a report about the Nepal’s first national multidimensional poverty index (MPI) unveiled by the National Planning Commission (NPC)  today, these people are facing multiple exclusions.

Nepal’s poverty was reduced by 50 per cent in a period from 2006 to 2014 AD, the report shows.

The report is based on three topics including malnutrition, minimum education, electricity facility, drinking water and sufficient sanitation conditions measured through three dimensions – health, education and livelihood.

The report shows that the poverty rate is higher in the Province 6 and Province 2 where 50 per cent people are living in poverty. They have no access to basic facilities like cooking fuel, sanitation, electricity, education and health. This figure is 30 per cent in the Province 5 and 15 per cent in the Province 3, 1 and 4.

According to the report, 41.6 per cent children are in multidimensional poverty.

Following the unveiling of the report, NPC vice chair Dr Swarnim Wagle said the MPI was the first ever method applied in the country to study about poverty from its roots and it would be helpful in mobilization of sources for development.

Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative Director Dr Sabina Alikare applauded Nepal’s significant and encouraging achievement in the area of poverty reduction.