Neither UML nor Maoist Center can turn back unification bid: Dahal


CHITWAN, Dec 24: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday said that the unification process with the CPN-UML has reached a point of no return as both parties have already dismantled the structure to become individual parties again.

“The unification process is seriously moving ahead and is in the final stage. Both parties’ leadership cannot imagine turning back from the unification bid,” said Dahal at a program in Chitwan on Sunday.

“The people have endorsed the unification process between the two parties. We are aware about the complexities that could push us back from unification bid, but we have thought about the options to settle such doubts.”

“I have been regularly holding conversation with UML Chair KP Oli on telephone about the possible ways to concluding the unification process as fast as possible,” added Dahal.

Dahal also accused the Nepali Congress of back-tracking the agreement made between the three parties to conduct the National Assembly Election through majority system.

Chair Dahal also informed that he telephoned CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli on Saturday and this morning and held talks regarding how to unite the parties at the earliest. “There is no possibility of single transferable vote system in National Assembly election and it will be better if there is representation of Nepali Congress, which will remain in the opposition,” he said.

The dispute over the National Assembly Election Ordinance, which has been stuck at the Office of President, forwarded by the government has pinned deadlock halting the process of formation of a new government